Let's take a closer look

Which are the best neighborhoods
for you or your family?

Here are some great resources that might help you.

The Resources

Crime Maps

RaidsOnline's maps show you important and useful information about what crimes have occurred in each community. If you have additional questions about a community, a good person to reach out to is the Community Resource Officer for that neighborhood. This person is a police officer who actually patrols the area you're interested in. They can answer additional questions you may have.

City Boundaries

Google maps has a very cool feature that shows you the borders of each city. Simply type in the city name you're interested in, followed by the word "Colorado" or "CO"

Price Ranges

If you're interested in doing some research on your own. You can use a few of these websites together to find out what house prices are in the area of your interest. Note that these should only be used to get a GENERAL IDEA of what house prices are and what comparable houses might price like. They should NOT be used as solid or definite numbers. If you're interested in solid numbers, let me know and we'll get you something more concrete.